Coin Payphones

For convenience of your customers, staff, visitors, and in case of an emergency PTS installs and maintains a standard style payphone with internal smart technology. The internal smart technology provides self-diagnostics and if a trouble is detected or coin box is full, the phone reports back to the PTS internal system that it needs service. PTS’ automated systems will generate a ticket and a technician will be dispatched usually prior to the customer is aware there is a trouble. PTS also has a toll free number for customer service if you do have an issue of any kind.

Payphones using VoIP Broadband

For locations with more than 8 lines PTS can provide a VoIP payphone system that has the same features as a landline-based payphone at a reduced rate. An existing broadband connection is required or a new one can be ordered by PTS based on pricing and availability. With VoIP, not only are we able to monitor the payphone itself but we can monitor the line as well to determine if there is a line problem.

Coin-less Payphones

For locations where coin is not desirable but you may still want the durability of a Payphone, PTS can install the same robust phone without a coin slot. The phone features the same capabilities of our standard smart payphone for providing prepaid and operator services.

Courtesy Phone Systems

For locations who provide free local calls to their patients or visitors. Courtesy phones are constructed of vandal resistant stainless steel and can be recessed in the wall where a payphone used to be or surface mounted. Existing payphone equipment can also be converted into courtesy phones. Other features include Live Operator Services, programming abilities to to block or allow only certain types of calls or numbers.

Payphone Services

PTS can monitor and manage your payphone(s) more efficiently and at a lower cost. Combining our services with our expertise in collecting dial around, operator service calls, and prepaid, PTS allows you to maximize the revenue from your phone. PTS has a fully trained staff to install, maintain, repair and collect payphones across the nation.

PTS Public Phone Systems features

    • Customer Care – PTS handles all interfacing with the phone company for ordering the line and tracking through to completion.
  • PTS monitors our phones 24/7 through our exclusive smart technology and internal systems
  • Each smart board is equipped with Self-Diagnostics that reports back to the PTS Network Operations Center
  • Any error reported by the smart board or called in is dispatched using a custom state of the art dispatch system developed for PTS
  • Accepts all methods of coin, credit/debit, collect bill to self and multilingual operators (except for coinless phones)
  • Hearing Aid compatible
  • Meets ADA compliance
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Vandal resistant

Wall of Telephones