Prepaid Cards

PTS has partnered with one of the leading prepaid card providers and can provide competitive prepaid calling cards. Through the joint partnership, the rates will be the same as coin without any surcharges when used inside the facility. A user can access the prepaid service through a speed dial as simple as dialing *33 then entering the phone number and pin number on the card. PTS can provide cards that utilize local access and toll free numbers. PTS also sells a pinless solution that can be sold in retail stores and used with home and cellular phones.

Prepaid for Inmate and Hospital Facilities

PTS has the solution for locations looking to have patients or inmates use a Prepaid Card to make a call from a public phone instead of the standard use of coin and credit/debit cards.? Other options include a custom designed inmate calling platform that provides a Friends and Family option where a patient sets up an account, then friends and family can fund the account for calls to them. Account tracking and integration with the facility management system is possible providing the ultimate control of the patients calling.

Prepaid Card Vending Machines

PTS provides and services intelligent prepaid vending services that supply Phone Cards in multiple denominations, SIM cards and Cell Phones all over the U.S. Our machines adapt to fit any enclosure or can stand alone. Prepaid Phone Cards can be sold in denominations of $5, $10 and $20. SIM Cards can provide unlimited domestic talk time and low international rates.

Phone and SIM Card Vending Machine Phone Cards Sold Here