PTS Launches Wi-Fi at Rose Kennedy Greenway

The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy ( today announced that work has begun on major upgrades of The Greenway’s free Wi-Fi network through a partnership with PTS, DAS Communications, and Anaptyx. The Greenway’s entire network will be upgraded to “carrier-grade.” Park visitors will experience faster connections and better coverage, with the entire network upgraded by the end of September 2015 so visitors will experience faster connections and better coverage everywhere on the 1.5-mile park.

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PTS is featured on Digital.NYC

PTS has developed a model to provide free WiFi in high density traffic areas funded through sponsorships and wireless carrier services. WiFi is provided on a high-speed backbone giving the user a true broadband experience. To maintain reliability near carrier standards, the network is built to be self-healing and monitored by PTS at its Network Operations Center in San Ramon, CA. The demand for WiFi is continually growing and business corridors are finding it to be a necessary amenity to attract shoppers, business, people, and visitors to their corridor. Services Offered: Free WiFi Carrier Services Wireless Services Payphone Service Prepaid Calling Cards Advertising Information Kiosks

Why Some Places Still Have Plenty of Pay Phones

Hardly any new installations take place anymore, but sometimes when new structures like baseball stadiums, schools, or hospitals are being built, cities will pay to put in phones for emergencies. They’ve proven themselves to be useful in natural disasters, when wireless towers are down or networks are jammed—during Hurricane Sandy in New York, for example, old-school, coin-slot technology came to the rescue.

This is precisely why the city of New York wants to keep many of its pay phones, despite the fact that the number of people making calls from them is shrinking. In fact, the city is in the process of upgrading its 7,000 remaining public pay phones with free Wi-Fi. NYC has entered into franchise contracts with 10 companies to operate and maintain its pay phones.

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The Atlantic City Lab

Pay phones operators branch out with other services

Some people believe pay phones should remain available as a backup means of communication.

Richard McDonald, 48, recently visited Frederick from Baltimore to look for an apartment.

Standing near the pay phone at the South East Street MARC train station, he said he used to use such phones regularly when he was younger.

Now that he has a cell phone, he can’t remember the last time he used a pay phone, but he said it would be a shame if they disappeared.

“You never know what will happen on the street,” he said.

A Frederick resident, Kevin Johnson, shared similar views.

The 32 year old said he used to use pay phones frequently when he was younger. When his siblings were tying up the house line, he would head over to the nearest phone booth to call his friends.

He has a cell phone and hasn’t used a pay phone in years, but he said he believes it is important to have the option available, especially for people without a lot of money.

“They need to have the pay phone back,” he said, “They’re very scarce now.”

More than half of the pay phones in the county, 57 percent, are operated by Pacific Telemanagement Services, part of Jaroth Inc.

The California-based company took over pay phone services in areas across the country as communication giants such as Verizon and AT&T bowed out of that dwindling sector of the industry. It operates just under 40,000 phones

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The Frederick News Post

Strong connection: The greatest phone booths of the Bay Area

It started with a San Francisco Chronicle story by Kevin Fagan in April revealing there are only 200 working phones left in San Francisco. It continued with Tuesday’s moving tribute in the Chronicle to some of our favorite surviving Bay Area phone booths. And it ends (or is this just the beginning?) with this reader-submitted gallery of the greatest phone booths of the Bay Area.

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How PTS Achieved Mobile Workforce Excellence

Justin Keane, chief operating officer of Pacific Telemanagement Services (PTS), a nationwide company that maintains pay phones and Internet kiosks in retail chains, government buildings and major airports like Boston Logan, Chicago O’Hare and Los Angeles International, talks about how PTS increased productivity and efficiency with workforce management, a field service management solution. Below is his approach to driving excellence in the organization.

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Digiboo Announces Agreement with PTS to Expand Distribution Sites

Digiboo kiosk_TechFlash_425-280

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Digiboo (, the digital retail entertainment download service, today announced it has entered into an agreement with Pacific Telemanagement Services (PTS), the largest public payphone company in the United States with over 40,000 public pay phones across 48 states. This new partnership will expand Digiboo’s footprint to provide increased service and access to more movie-lovers on-the-go.

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Pay Phone Company Wants To Install Public Computer Kiosks Across City

The pay phone of the future could soon be coming to the city.Pacific Telemanagement Services, the company that owns thousands of public pay phones across the city, says it is going to replace them with computer kiosks that connect to the World Wide Web.Each will have a 22-inch touchscreen, complete with a camera for video applications. They will also have electrical outlets so New Yorkers can charge their phones and laptops on the go.

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A Future in Pay Phones? One Firm Answers the Call

The pay-phone business has gotten so bad that public phones are disappearing at a rate of about 10% a year. Thanks to the rise of the cellphone, there are only about 425,000 pay phones left nationwide, down from a peak of 2.2 million in 2000, according to the American Public Communications Council, a trade group representing many of the country’s roughly 800 independent pay-phone operators.

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