Free Connect Internet Kiosk Advertising

  • Digital advertising at Major Airports and Transportation Facilities across the nation
    • Over 28 Million Travelers Monthly
    • Over 365 Million travelers a year pass by one of our Free Connects
  • In the public view at all times mounted in some of the most desirable locations at the gate
  • Engage the user
    • Customizable content
    • Fully web enabled
  • 79% of users in 18-54 Age Group, 67% Male
  • 1920 x 1080 advertising on a 22 inch touch screen monitor
    • 3 Types of Advertising
      • Attractor Loop – plays in idle mode, Digital Place Based
      • Required Ad – plays before a uses session begins, Engaged
      • Sidebar Ad – plays during the session to right of browser window
  • Audio & Video
    • Supports Flash, MPEG4, MOV, SWF, JPEG, PNG, AVI, WMV formats
    • Flash Variables Supported
  • Time of Day and Geographic Parting
  • 3rd Party Reporting Available
    • Integrated with Vistar Media/Spa Fax (a WPP Company)
  • NFC Tagging & QR Codes

WiFi Advertising & Sponsorship

PTS is building out Free Public WiFi Networks in major cities and transportation hubs. The network is built on state of the art technology supporting Hot Spot 2.0. Engage your customers by advertising on the customer’s device when you have their attention. Ads can be placed on the captive portal where they accept terms and condition, on the landing page or place interstitial ads during their browsing experience to reinforce your brand without being intrusive on the user’s session. People are relying more and more on WiFi with their mobile devices. Take advantage of geo-targeting based on a user’s location and optimize your return on advertising. Domination, sponsorships and custom SSID’s providing customized branding is also available.

Our latest Digital Advertising Campaigns include:

Comcast Business

Comcast Built Comcast For Comcast Business


Kleenex Box on Free Connect KioskKleenex Compare Free Connect


T-Mobile Early Termination Free ConnectT-Mobile Yahoo Sports Free ConnectT-Mobile Free Connect Internet Kiosk

Click on the campaigns above to view some of our digital advertisements.

To find out more information about advertising opportunities with PTS, please contact us at, we look forward to hearing from you