In 1986 Pacific Telemanagement Services (PTS) began making its mark in the Public Communications industry by providing public payphone installations, repairs and maintenance services. In 1998, PTS significantly increased its national footprint by purchasing the assets of payphone service providers across the country and building valuable business relationships with prominent partners and clients that not only strengthened its foundation, but also lead PTS to become the largest public payphone provider in the United States with over 45,000 payphones in 48 states.

Today, with nearly 30 years of professional experience and enduring relationships with dominant partners, PTS has without a doubt earned its present position as a leader in the National Public Communications industry. As a National Public Communications Company, our goal is to be on the cutting edge of developing and providing Public Communication Services that surpass the expectation of our customers. PTS is proud to offer an extensive variety of products and services that add significant value to your business by meeting the communication needs of your patients, occupants, clients, visitors and employees.

Our latest endeavors include the ‘Free Connect’ Internet Kiosk featuring a high definition touch screen display, currently operating in major airports, transit stations, shopping centers and other public places. Free Connect gives ‘People in Motion’ the opportunity to surf the web, check their email and charge their battery-drained device absolutely FREE.

In addition, PTS has partnered with DAS Communications to offer FREE WiFi hot spots and Small Cell coverage in high density public areas with typically poor coverage and slow speed due to capacity exceeding demand. PTS and DAS use the latest cutting-edge technology to provide high speed and reliable connectivity. These PTS services enable residents, visitors and businesses to benefit from a much improved cell phone coverage and a reliable high speed internet service, absolutely FREE.

We encourage you to explore our services and find out why PTS is the Nation’s leader in Public Communications.