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PTS has developed a model to provide free WiFi in high density traffic areas funded through sponsorships and wireless carrier services. WiFi is provided on a high-speed backbone giving the user a true broadband experience. To maintain reliability near carrier standards, the network is built to be self-healing and monitored by PTS at its Network Operations Center in San Ramon, CA. The demand for WiFi is continually growing and business corridors are finding it to be a necessary amenity to attract shoppers, business, people, and visitors to their corridor. Services Offered: Free WiFi Carrier Services Wireless Services Payphone Service Prepaid Calling Cards Advertising Information Kiosks

Why Some Places Still Have Plenty of Pay Phones

Hardly any new installations take place anymore, but sometimes when new structures like baseball stadiums, schools, or hospitals are being built, cities will pay to put in phones for emergencies. They’ve proven themselves to be useful in natural disasters, when wireless towers are down or networks are jammed—during Hurricane Sandy in New York, for example, old-school, coin-slot technology came to the rescue.

This is precisely why the city of New York wants to keep many of its pay phones, despite the fact that the number of people making calls from them is shrinking. In fact, the city is in the process of upgrading its 7,000 remaining public pay phones with free Wi-Fi. NYC has entered into franchise contracts with 10 companies to operate and maintain its pay phones.

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